Steam Wallet Hack – Get Free Steam Games!


Do you want to buy something you could never afford? Do you want to get those games that you can’t buy?!?! Well check out this Steam Wallet Hack that was leaked directly from a Steam Employee!

Steam Wallet Hack:


You can purchase games off steam and once purchased once they will forever be associated with your account. You have your Steam wallet which is similar to a wallet just a virtual one. You can top up with funds so as soon as you see a game you’d like to purchase you can go ahead and purchase it.

Written Instructions:
1) Open the Steam Wallet Hack
2) Type in the security code
3) Type in your username
4) Type the amount you want
5) Select your location
6) Hit “Add Amount to Balance”
7) Have Fun!!


The Steam Wallet Hack has many uses:

-Giving a present to someone!
-Buying whatever you want!
-Selling the code for money!

If you are having troubles getting the security code for the Steam Wallet Hack, here is a trick.

-Use your mobile phone! Submitting the PIN you receive will allow you to get your Security Token Instantly!



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